The Islamic Resource Library is the first Islamic library in Wisconsin. Since its inception in 2011, the IRC library has grown considerably thanks to the magnanimous donations from our community. We value each and every one of our books and readers, and so we have the following policies in place.

Library Cards

Library cards cost $5.00. A valid proof of residence must be shown in order to obtain a library card. The library will make and keep a copy of the proof of residence on file and return the original to the requester.

Circulation Periods

Books may be checked out for two weeks, DVDs may be checked out for one week, and renewals are granted on the discretion of the librarian. Please ask.

Number of Materials

Maximum of 10 books may be checked out at a time. A maximum of 3 DVD or Audio disks may be checked out at a time. New patrons are limited to 3 items for the first 3 visits


Materials can only be renewed once and cannot be renewed if the items is overdue, or if there is a fine on the account.

Returning Items

All materials must be returned during normal IRC business hours.

Overdue Fines

No service charge is made during the three day grace period following the due date which has been written on the item. Charges for individuals books and DVDs are $1.00 on the fourth day past due, with each additional day adding $0.25 to the fee. The fine for each item returned caps at $5.00 and no patron with fines of $5.00 or greater may check out materials until all fines are payed. Any material not returned in its entirey or renewed within 60 days of the date due will be considered LOST. A bill of $50.00 for each book or DVD will be issued for replacement and processing of the material.


Patrons are responsible for all material checked out on his-or-her ID and should point out noticeable damage before checking out any material. All items in our library are donated and Sadaqah Jariya. If a patron damages any item, he-or-she will be responsible for replacing it or paying the $50.00 fine

Contact the librarian at +414-727-9600 for any questions or concerns!

We truly care about our readers and our books.