Who Are We? What Do We Do?


Founded in 1994, MMWC began as a local outreach organization dedicated to promoting an accurate understanding of Islam and Muslim women.

MMWC addresses a wide range of groups including schools, universities, businesses, law enforcement agencies, healthcare centers, religious establishments, community organizations and the media. This is done through presentations, workshops, seminars, panel discussions and other forums. In addition, the MMWC provides resources and educational materials to groups that seek information and tools to promote understanding.

Over the years, MMWC’s work expanded to include leadership, healthcare, and job training programs for women and girls. This was in recognition of the fact that empowered, healthy women, that are economically secure, strengthen their families, communities and country.

And among His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your languages and colors. Truly, in that are indeed signs for those who reflect.

Quran 30:22


We have established ourselves as a trusted resource on Islam, Muslim women, and Islamic issues in the Greater Milwaukee area and beyond.


We address a wide range of groups, including schools, universities, businesses, law enforcements agencies, healthcare centers and media.


We continuously build relationships among a wide range of community groups in an effort to promote peaceful communities.